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Providing Behavioral therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Family of Origin & Family Systems therapy, Mediation/Negotiation and Group therapy

Cognitive/Behavioral: Cognitive/Behavioral therapy helps the client challenge his/her perceptions, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. The objective is to refute self-defeating core beliefs and redefine a healthy, productive cognitive system. This results in a new repertoire of emotional and behavioral responses to yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

Family of Origin/Family Systems: Family of Origin and Family Systems therapy involves an exploration of the individual's role within their family system along with the inherent values, messages and parenting they received. The client closely examines these components along with productive and non-productive loyalties to his/her family. The objective is to both concurrently separate from the historical family and arrive at a positive, expanded concept of self determined by choice.

Psychodynamic: Psychodynamic therapy is hallmarked by the dynamic process between the therapist and client. While engaging in therapy the client has the opportunity to experience a neutral, caring adult responding to their background, present life circumstances, and current behavior in a new light. Within the therapeutic relationship the client begins to incorporate an accepting image of themselves as a valued individual.

Mediation/Negotiation: Mediation/Negotiation is a counseling modality whereby the therapist plays a neutral role in assisting two parties in resolving conflicts. The objective is to reduce discord between the clients and open up the possibility of arriving at decisions that are acceptable to both parties. The therapist assists the clients with establishing priorities, setting common ground for agreements, developing new methods of solving problems and employing respectful, concise communication.

Group Therapy: Group therapy is a format of counseling with its' own inherent therapeutic attributes. These include: universality (part of a community), instillation of hope, giving and receiving support and help, problem-solving, shared responsibility, new and varied perspectives, and education. The clients within the group have the unique option of learning and growing with others who have experienced similar life events.