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Please review Joan Schiff's fees for therapy

he following information is provided so that you and I can work together with greater ease and that misunderstandings are minimized. I'm available to answer questions regarding these policies at any point during the treatment process.


  The fees for therapy are set forth as follows:
  1. Individual therapy, initial assessment session: $150. and $120. per session thereafter.
  2. Couples Counseling initial session: $150. and $120. per session thereafter.
  3. Family Therapy, $150. per session.
  4. Co-Parent Counseling, $160. per session, review of documentation, monitoring of e-mail communication, prorated on that hourly fee.
  5. Consultation, $150 per session.
  6. Mediation, $130 per session, review of documentation and write up of agreements prorated on that hourly fee.
  7. Group Therapy, $35. per session.
  8. Telephone Calls exceeding 10 minutes, Travel to another location on your behalf or Reports that are not legally related, prorated on the regular hourly fee for that format of therapy.
  9. Court Related Evaluations and Written Documentation, $125. per hour.
  10. Parenting Evaluations: fee quoted upon acceptance of case.
  11. Court Related Testimony (deposition) and Waiting Time, $175. per hour.
  12. Lower fee clients (maintain a limited number of spaces for lower fee clients. Please feel free to discuss this option).

Responsibility for Payment: Regardless of insurance or other coverage the final responsibility for payment is yours. Balances on accounts not paid within 45 days of the last billing date are subject to being sent to collections.