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Learn about entering therapy, discussing your concerns, objectives for treatment, understanding, make positive personal change

he decision to enter into therapy involves thought, determination, and a genuine desire to improve the quality and current circumstances of your life. The following is an overview of my philosophy, approach, and scope of practice. The information is designed to guide you through the process of choosing an approach(s) and honing in on the areas of your life you would like to address during our work together.


In all forms of therapy it is therapist's responsibility to provide a safe environment free of judgment, conducive to exploring the issues as defined by the client. This is achieved by establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, whereby the therapist relates to the client in a consistent manner, listening carefully to the client's perspective on their concerns. The relationship between the therapist and client is one that develops over time as the client becomes more comfortable with confiding in the therapist and the therapist gains insight into the client's unique life view.

Upon entering therapy, I'll spend time with you examining your most immediate, prevalent concerns. Together, we'll clarify your objectives for treatment keeping in mind a realistic timeline for achieving those goals. It is my position to be your advocate, entailing support, understanding, and keeping you focused on the issues at hand. You will find in our work together that there is a weaving back and forth between your present day life and your history to gain insight as to how your background has shaped your outlook and choices. With this knowledge it is possible to develop effective strategies to cope with daily life and make positive personal change. Most clients desire similar outcomes which include: resolution of past events, hope for the present and future, obtaining optimal quality of life within given circumstances, and overcoming troublesome behaviors. Sometimes this is achieved via short term solution focused counseling and other times, involves long term in-depth therapy.

In our work together, I'll be receptive to hearing your feedback on the pace of therapy, your need for unstructured time to talk, or a more interactive task focused approach. I'll provide suggestions for outside readings and assignments to facilitate personal awareness and progress. I view my client's in holistic manner taking into account your daily life roles and responsibilities, cultural, religious and spiritual orientation, life cycle, and medical history. I am happy to collaborate with other professionals with whom you are currently seeing or make referrals as needed.